Unmatched Rehabilitation Expertise

Performance Enhancement Sessions Tailored to Your Needs

Let our knowledgeable staff design a program customized to your needs. Our facility has the right equipment and a team of professionals to address any underlying physical fitness issues that you may be having.

See What Sets Us Apart

Not only are our physical therapists' certified professionals but each staff member at Northwest Sports Medicine Center is expertly trained to give you the highest quality of care. 

Our large gym space, heated laminar flow pool, and Nautilus fitness equipment allow us to give you a diverse rehabilitation program that repairs your body faster with less stress on your part.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment Always Available

Northwest Sports Medicine Center has some of the highest quality fitness equipment right on site. 

From hammer strength equipment and cardio machines all the way to VertiMax platforms designed to provide resistance to any motion or activity – everything on-site is always readily available for use. 

Contact us and schedule your next appointment today.
We are constantly implementing new and up-to-date methods into our ever-evolving evidence-based programs to help you get better. Call us to take a tour of our facility today! 360-456-1072
The staff was very professional and friendly. The variety of machines such as VertiMax, the pool, cardio and weight machines are incredible. I really feel Northwest Sports Medicine Center made the difference in getting me back on the field.

I played college football and went to Northwest Sports Medicine Center after an injury sidelined me. The staff at Northwest Sports Medicine Center really helped to get me strong and back up to speed. Using their great equipment and facility, I was able to return to play ahead of schedule and stronger than I have ever been.
Northwest Sports Medicine Center
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