Compassionate Orthopedic Therapies

Get Treated With Care and Knowledge

Hawk's Prairie Physical Therapy has been serving the Lacey area with outpatient orthopedic evaluations, rehabilitation, and other services. 

Our state-of-the-art methods are designed to optimally treat even the most challenging orthopedic injuries.
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We Offer an Array of Outpatient Treatments as Well as Work Conditioning

We specialize in knee, hip, shoulder and back injuries as well as rehabilitation of post surgical and post replacement hips, knees and shoulders. 

Let us help return you to the things you love. Our top of the line fitness equipment and large gym space offers an array of methods to ensure your recovery is smooth.
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Superior Equipment for Your Convenience

Here at Hawk's Prairie Physical Therapy, we ensure that your workout and rehabilitation is seamless every time. That is why we employ some of the highest quality Nautilus fitness equipment. 

Rest assured that you will always have a knowledgeable staff member on-site to assist with your personalized recovery plan. Contact us to take a tour of our facility today.
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Patient Testimonials:

"In my opinion, Hawk's Prairie Physical Therapy is the best physical therapy facility and staff in the area."
"Each patient receives personalized treatment plans that adjust throughout the healing process as needed. Highly recommend (Hawk's Prairie Physical Therapy) to all my friends and family."

"When I injured my knee in a skiing accident, I couldn't imagine being able to return to doing so many of the activities that I enjoy... biking, hiking, gardening, tennis, let alone skiing. 

Now 4 months later, I've reached that light at the end of the tunnel, which you all consistently assured me that the day would come when I could once again return to my functional and fun activities. 

You all gave me hope when I needed it. I could not have overcome this difficult challenge without all of you pouring your skills, knowledge, support, and care into my rehab."
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